UCU EXCLUSIVE: Your chance to earn thousands! No work involved!

12th February 2015

Feeling like your job is getting you nowhere? Working excessive hours for little reward? Under threat of redundancy?

Turn your life around by becoming a Vice-Chancellor at London Metropolitan University!

Failure in the job is no barrier to financial reward – in fact, it’s a critical ingredient!

As reported in the Times Higher Education today, former Vice-Chancellor Malcolm Gillies received £159,000 last year in lieu of notice, after stepping down early as Vice Chancellor. In total he was paid £453,000 which, THE say, probably makes him the highest-paid VC in the country last year. This follows the additional £100,000 payoff that Gillies received as part of a compromise agreement from City University, after controversially stepping down as their VC just a few years earlier.

Meanwhile, redundancies to the tune of £300,000 are currently being sought among law lecturers in the Faculty of Business and Law.

Given the fiasco over the London School of Business and Finance link-up and the financially devastating loss of international students, as well as the job cuts that London Met suffered under Gillies,and the unacceptably high and continuing level of stress and bullying, staff will be justified in feeling outrage at these huge wads of cash pocketed by Gillies as he slunk away from the university. As with the earlier fiasco under VC Brian Roper, we need to ask where the Governors were when the LSBF/International students debacle was unfolding. A public explanation by the Chair of the Board of Governors is the least we can expect.


David Hardman

for the UCU Coordinating Committee.


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