numbers and staff categories for current s188 – breakdown by faculty

Monday 23 March 2015

Dear All,

Below we provide the break down of the ‘staff categories’ exposed to the current s188.

We received this information roughly an hour ago coincident with the Board of Governors meeting today (see email from Robert Fisher Director of HR below this one). UCU and UNISON have a meeting with management on Wednesday morning as well as the joint union meetings already advertised today:

NORTH CAMPUS: Tuesday 24th

1-2pm Graduate Centre, Room: GCG-08

Liz Lawrence, UCU President will be speaking 

CITY CAMPUS Wednesday 25th 

12-1pm Moorgate, Room: MG1-02

Sally Hunt, UCU General Secretary will be speaking

* note the change of time/venue

Please note that today will be the first time that the full Board of Governors has seen this breakdown and therefore these details are being sent out without full Board approval.

FBL members might also like to note that we understand that the Vice Chancellor will be present at the ALL-STAFF FBL meeting in Moorgate called by the Dean of FBL for 1pm-2pm immediately after our meeting.

In terms of details note that a grand reduction of 4.3FTE managerial posts is proposed whilst the equivalent figure for clerical staff is 38.3FTE and professional (academic and research) staff is 95.5FTE. Please also note that these are FTE figures and the required number of deletions from actual staff is likely to be higher.

Specifically consider the figures in the actual faculties and PSDs:

CASS 0.4 managerial, 2.3 clerical, 5.3 professional, 0.9 technical

FBL   1.9 managerial, 14.3 clerical, 57.8 professional, 0.0 technical

FLSC 0.2 managerial, 3.3 clerical, 8.2 professional,  0.5 technical 

FSSH 0.7 managerial, 5.0 clerical, 23.8 professional, 0.0 technical

PSDs 1.1 managerial, 13.5 clerical, 0.4 professional, 0.0 technical

Basically the only way these figures can be understood in relation to FBL and probably FSSH is as an intention by the Vice Chancellor to use the faculty management teams to cut everyone else. Faculty managements will then have to go themselves because there will be virtually nothing left in the Faculties to manage. The very unhealthy looking carrots for these people is that they keep their jobs for what would probably prove a very brief period, a few months at best, after everyone else.

We know that our staff governors will be arguing against all of this at the moment in the Board of Governors. You will have seen UCU’s letter to the Board of Governors. We hope the Govenrors understand the implications of what is being proposed and therefore reject the s188 out of hand. However, if today they are bounced into this. this opens the floodgates for total chaos.

We hope to see you at one of other of this week’s UCU/UNISON meetings to discuss our next moves.

Cliff Snaith UCU London Met Secretary

Mark Campbell UCU London Met Chair,

Sent on behalf of UCU Coordinating Commitee


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