Communications Breakdown!

A total of THREE people attended a lunchtime White Paper consultation [to discuss the Vice-Chancellor’s recently published White Paper in which he justifies university shrinkage and job cuts] today at the Holloway campus [apparently, the only one scheduled to be held at the campus]. Although the time and date can be found online it seems that the communication of this event was less than ideal. Most people seem to have been completely unaware of the meeting. It does make you wonder, doesn’t it, if perhaps the senior management should consider hiring some expensive consultants to do a survey of staff in order to find out how well we think the university manages to communicate with us? Er, no…hang on a minute…

Meanwhile, UCU officers have managed to get hold of a recent student survey. What is clear from this is that students want more support from lecturers, including – in the words of one – extended office hours. How this will be achieved by 165 staff redundancies is something we can only guess at. What happened to “You said, we did”? (in at least one of our faculties, office hours are no longer counted as part of our 550 hours teaching maximum – yet another way in which a ruthless management manages to exploit its staff).
In case you are one of those staff members who filled out the Staff Experience Survey and are now classed by the management as “disengaged”, the Vice-Chancellor has revealed to the Governors what he has in store for you: you are to be “managed out”. Possibly Professor Raftery has been taking his cue from Renham in Channel 4’s The IT Crowd: “Anybody still feeling stressed by the end of the day will be FIRED!” We leave you with a couple of clips, below:

London Met UCU Coordinating Committee

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