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Solidarity from the University of the Arts London (UAL) #OccupyUAL

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Solidarity messages

17 May 2015

I am a student at LMU and a Labour Councillor in Islington. The unions at LMU have my total support in opposing the university management’s plans to cut 165 jobs that I believe will be detrimental to the quality of education provided to students, the staff and to the university. I have written to the vice-chancellor of LMU making these points and his reply did not address them, instead he said the job cuts would assist in improving the quality of education at the university. If he made the same ludicrous argument to the unions I am not surprised they decided to take industrial action. Solidarity from me to all union members standing up for students, themselves and the LMU.

Gary Heather

18 May 2015

On behalf of UCU West Midlands executive we are appalled at the latest attack by management on your jobs and conditions of service. Fantastic to see you fighting back.

Brian O’Sullivan Chair
UCU West Midlands executive

19 May 2015

Good morning, On behalf of the  UCU Branch Executive  here  at Northampton, I want to express our solidarity with  colleagues at London Met who are trying to resist the draconian cuts in academic provision  and redundancies.

Ron Mendel
Branch Secretary


The UCU Coordinating Committee at Brighton University expresses its wholehearted support to UCU members at London Met for their strike on Thursday and their campaign to defend jobs and courses. The rest of the sector is following developments there with interest in the hope that you can strike a blow against the juggernaut of marketisation, commercialisation and privatisation that threatens Higher Education in this country. We wish you every success.

Yours in solidarity
Mark Abel (Chair)
for the UCU Coordinating Committee University of Brighton


Good luck in your struggle.
Solidarity from Leeds College of Arts UCU

Richard Miles Branch Secretary


Dear colleagues Wishing you maximum support, solidarity and a successful outcome to your dispute. We at Bradford College are facing very similar issues and expect to be balloting shortly to defend jobs, courses and educational opportunities in the area.

In solidarity,
Laura Miles NEC and Bradford College


Dear Mark and UCU members at London Met We applaud you for taking strike action against the massive 165 jobs cuts which are being proposed at London Met. This comes on top of wave after wave of savage cuts pushed through by a grossly over-paid vice-chancellor and could spell the end of the institution and for opportunities for young, working class people in London and beyond. We send solidarity from all our members at Lambeth College UCU for your strike this Thursday 21stMay. Please let us know if there is any other way we can support you.

Best wishes
Mandy Brown
UCU Branch Sec on behalf of Lambeth College


Good luck with your strike. You are fighting to defend a decent education system as well as your jobs. You deserve the support of the whole movement. I will be happy to take a delegation of strikers round the colleges and universities of South Yorkshire should you be on strike again to help build solidarity.
in solidarity,

Dave Gibson
Chair, Barnsley Trades Council


Sending solidarity greetings from Blackpool and the Fylde College UCU We will do all we can to support your struggle.

Darren Bradshaw Branch Chair


Hi London Met UCU crew, Good luck with your strike and campaign. At Tower Hamlets we are facing the closure of the hair and beauty dept and cuts to access courses and creative arts. We are balloting  for strike action so if you win it will help our struggle. We need to unite our struggles in FE and HE!

All the best
Ian Crosson
Tower Hamlets College

20 May 2015

Good luck with your strike tomorrow You give the rest of us inspiration

Angie Bitrill
Trade Union Studies Centre


Solidarity with all those taking action London Met on Thursday from Coleg Gwent in Wales. We are now seeing the distruction of any resemblance of a civil society. When injustice becomes the law, resistance becomes a duty. We will be soon to be on our own picket lines as Wales hacks and burns adult and second chance education. We are now facing over a 50% reduction in all part time courses. Your fight is our fight.

See you at Congress
John James
UCU Cross Campus Chair UCU Left Cymru Chair


Dear UCU colleagues Our Branch Committee would like to wish you every success in your strike action tomorrow at London Met against job cuts, and your ongoing campaign to defend courses and education for working-class people at the university.

All the best,
Adam Hartman, Branch Secretary
Islington College UNISON Branch


Dear London Met University UCU members Newcastle University UCU offers its solidarity to you for tomorrow’s strike against redundancies and we wish you the very best of luck. We stand shoulder to shoulder with you as you are also fighting to defend the future of Higher Education. It’s crucial that we all work together to combat the draconian funding cuts threatened by this new Tory government. If, and it’s a BIG if,  the management are successful in getting these vicious cuts through at London Met then it makes it easier for the Tories to achieve their real goal nationwide which is the end of the public university. Please do let us know if there is anything we can do to help you in your fight to defend jobs, student services and Higher Education. Education is a right not a privilege!

In solidarity
Geoff Abbott
Equality Officer Newcastle University UCU


Please accept the support and comradeship from the London School of Economics UCU Branch. I fear we will have a tough five years ahead and it time to stand together.

In Solidarity,
Dave Morris LSE UCU Secretary


2 June 2015

Comradely greetings from the London School of Economics Unison Branch to all our colleagues at London Met, former proud home of the Women’s Library. Good luck and all the best for this Thursday’s strike. London Met and it’s staff are part of the fabric of London and this blatant attack on jobs and vital HE services is short sighted. The effect of such cuts will cause irreversible damage not just to London Met, but to the soul of London. All of London, indeed the UK and beyond, needs London Met to continue to pursue its fundamental role of providing educational opportunities to the broadest range of people.

In solidarity,
Paul Whitehouse
LSE Unison Branch


On behalf of Chesterfield College UCU branch I would like to send you solidarity greetings for your strike tomorrow and any subsequent action. We are proud to stand firmly with you in your defence of education against the continuing attacks you face and courageously resist. The photograph from the UCU Congress in Glasgow demonstrates the support for your campaign as ‘an injury to one is an injury to all’. The future of further and higher education demands the fight back you are putting forward, and we wish you well in your campaign.

In solidarity,

Allister Mactaggart
Branch Chair
Chesterfield College UCU


Dear UNISON and UCU Colleagues at London Met

We would like to wish you all the best for your strike action tomorrow in defence of jobs and education at the University and we hope that your action will be successful in bringing your management to the table and winning a guarantee of no compulsory redundancies.

Best Wishes
City & Islington College UNISON Branch Committee


Dear UCU and UNISON comrades at London Met University

I am writing to congratulate you on the strong fightback you are putting up for your members facing job cuts. Education is the most precious gift we can offer future generations and we cannot stand by and allow our students’ opportunities to be smashed on the disastrous policies of austerity. When you stand up for your members’ job, you are standing up for education for all.

I wish you every success in your strike and offer you our full support in the battles which lie ahead.

Together we are stronger – and when we stand together we can win together.


Pura Ariza
Senior Lecturer in Education
MMU UCU Branch Secretary
UCU NW Regional Secretary
Faculty of Education
Manchester Metropolitan University


I wanted to send a message of solidarity and support for tomorrow. Your fight is our fight.

Sue Abbott
UCU equality officer Northumbria University
Chair UCU National Women’s Standing Committee


Dear Sisters and Brothers at London Met

We send our full support to UCU and UNISON taking strike action to defend jobs and services to students.

We applaud your determination and wish you every success in this industrial action, that is in a pivotal institution and comes at vital time for defending working class access to higher education.

In the face of the austerity pogramme attacking our entire sector, we welcome your fightback.

In solidarity

Barnch Chair
Kingston University UCU
Dr. Andy Higginbottom
Associate Professor
PG Programme Co-ordinator, International Politics and Human Rights


Dear brothers and sisters at London Met,

I have no doubt that the unity and resolve you show over the next few days and weeks will prove successful in resisting the attempt to impose draconian cuts on London Met staff and students

In solidarity,
Ron Mendel, UCU Branch Secretary and President of the Northampton Trade Union Council


Solidarity with your strike tomorrow. Sorry I am not able to join you, but let me know if there is anything I can do.

Marion Hersh
University of Glasgow, NEC


Dear Friends,
We are with you and support your action in defending jobs

Mehdi Husaini
Teeside University UCU


Dear UCU and Unison members at London Met,

Solidarity greetings from the Unite Reps at Amnesty International UK.

We know from our own fight back over planned large-scale redundancies a couple of years ago, how important solidarity is. Solidarity and financial support helped our union branch to sustain an 18 months campaign and three separate strike days. At the end of which we had won considerable concessions and many of us whose jobs were under threat continue to work at Amnesty.

You are now in a very similar situation. We want to express our full support and solidarity for your fight against job cuts. At our union meeting next week we will also discuss a donation to your strike fund.

We wish you success in your campaign. Please let us know what else we can do to support you.

In Solidarity,
Daniela Manske and Georgie White
Unite Shop Stewards


Hi all,

This is to bring you solidarity greetings from north of the border. Please tell all the colleagues at London Met that we’re aware of their campaign, and wish them full success.

Douglas Chalmers
Glasgow Caledonian University


I hope the action went very well today and I totally support your struggle

Jean Crocker (UCU)


Hi Mark and all at London Met,

This is an ongoing message of solidarity from the University of Liverpool.

Your action has been fantastic and as we all move into tougher struggles, what you’re doing is inspirational to other branches. Keep it up, you can win this!

Can you let us know details of how to contribute to your strike fund.

In solidarity Jo and the University of Liverpool UCU Branch!

Jo McNeill
UCU Branch Committee

North West Regional HE Representative
UCU National Executive Committee


12 June 2015

Dear Mark and Max

We send solidarity greetings from all our members at Lambeth College for your tremendous fightback against job cuts at London Met. We have followed your disputes and have seen the year on year attacks which your employers have wreaked on you and your members in both UCU and Unison. We know that you are fighting for survival now, as one of the few remaining universities that provide for working class students in London

We salute the action you are taking and are full of admiration for the excellent spirit your branch has shown on the picket lines.

We have circulated the petition to our branch, please let us know how we can be if further assistance and any forthcoming action that we can support.

In solidarity

Mandy Brown
Lambeth College UCU


16 July 2015

Dear London Met University UCU members

at our committee meeting today we learnt you have reduced the number of redundancies through your actions but were outraged to hear that the secretary of your sister Unison branch has been victimised. We encourage you to hit back hard at your bullying management – we stand shoulder to shoulder with you. We must also all take strength and confidence from victories such as the recent one at Lambeth College UCU. We understand that struggle is very hard – therefore do not hesitate to ask if you need any help

Geoff Abbott
Equality Officer
on behalf of Newcastle University UCU



One Comment Add yours

  1. Paul Whitehouse says:

    Comradely greetings from the London School of Economics Unison Branch to all our colleagues at London Met, former proud home of the Women’s Library. Good luck and all the best for this Thursday’s strike. London Met and it’s staff are part of the fabric of London and this blatant attack on jobs and vital HE services is short sighted. The effect of such cuts will cause irreversible damage not just to London Met, but to the soul of London. All of London, indeed the UK and beyond, needs London Met to continue to pursue its fundamental role of providing educational opportunities to the broadest range of people.

    In solidarity,
    Paul Whitehouse
    LSE Unison Branch


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