Solidarity with the people of Greece

Dear colleagues,

UCU is nationally affiliated to the Greece Solidarity Campaign and we have recently received the following urgent request from Paul Mackney. Please, where possible, do your best to support.

In addition to Paul’s message we have heard that the public sector trade union federation in Greece, ADEDY has called a general strike for this Wednesday against further austerity and the impoverishment of Greece. We have sent a strong message of support and solidarity.

London Met UCU Coordinating Committee


Dear friends,
As part of Europe-wide demonstrations, Greece Solidarity Campaign Officers have called for a demonstration outside the German Embassy in Belgrave Square at 6.30 on (this) Wednesday 15 July 2015.

The Facebook event page is:

The focus of the demonstration is on the need for solidarity with the people of Greece being greater than ever before. They are fighting an ever greater struggle, not only against austerity and illegitimate debt, but against the destruction of their democracy, self-determination and national sovereignty. It is our responsibility to work to end the isolation of Greece through both political and material solidarity: we cannot let the people of Greece stand alone – the development and strengthening of solidarity networks coordinating together across Europe must be our urgent priority.

Some likely slogans will be: Solidarity with the people of Greece! End the financial occupation of Greece! Stop the looting of Greece! In or out the Euro-zone, Greece will never stand alone. In former times it was tanks; they now invade your land with banks. We won’t forgive and won’t forget: the ‘Troika’ has to drop the debt.

Aλληλεγγύη και φιλία – solidarity and friendship

Paul Mackney – – 07974 353 709
Co-Chair, Greece Solidarity Campaign –



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