Labour Leadership Election

Dear colleagues

You will undoubtedly be aware of the Labour leadership election campaign currently taking place, as well as the fact that the Islington North MP Jeremy Corbyn is one of the candidates.

UCU nationally is not affiliated to any political party and our political fund is used only for campaigning. However, the Coordinating Committee at London Met would like to draw to members’ attention the fact that Jeremy Corbyn has frequently rallied to the support of staff and students at London Met. For example, he tabled this Early Day Motion  in December 2009 following the publication of the Melville Report into management and governance at the university (supported also by mayoral candidate Diane Abbott). He has also spoken regularly to rallies, picket lines and meetings at both City and North campuses, for example here. Yesterday, he announced his plan to scrap university tuition fees, as reported here. UCU also opposes tuition fees, which we believe should be replaced with a Business Education Tax.

If you wish to vote in the Labour leadership election (and are not a member of any organisation opposed to the Labour Party), you can do so by becoming a member or registered supporter (£3), as described here.


The UCU Coordinating Committee



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