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THE ISSUE: On October 9th, the VC launched the ‘One Campus, One Community’ project aiming at closing the City Campuses (Moorgate, Calcutta House, Goulston Street, Commercial Road and Central House) and ‘consolidating’ the whole university on Holloway Road. We believe that this is likely to lead to major course cuts, decrease in student places and job losses that could easily continue London Met’s ‘spiral of decline’, destroy the overall widening-participation mission of London Met, and inevitably jeopardise its long-established historical roots to the vibrant East London arts community.

Proposed installation by Bob and Roberta Smith
Proposed installation by Bob and Roberta Smith in Central House

Please see the links below to recent major press articles about the Vice-Chancellor’s launching of the project and the reactions from both students and the wider community:

  1. Times Higher – ‘London Met to focus teaching on single campus’, 12/10/15


  1. Islington Gazette – ‘London Metropolitan University announces £125million one-campus university’, 12/10/15


  1. Architects Journal – ‘Cass School of Architecture faces move from East London’, 14/10/15


  1. Architects Journal – ‘Hundreds sign petition to fight Cass relocation’, 15/10/15


  1. Islington Tribune – ‘Students speak out against campus ‘cuts’ as university reveals plans to invest £125m in Holloway Road site’, 16/10/15


  1. Guardian – ‘Killing the Cass would be a tragedy for British design’, 18/10/15


  1. Financial Times – ‘Aldgate Bauhaus’ falls pray to capital’s craze for luxury flats’, 18/10/15


  1. East London Advertiser – ‘Fury as London Metropolitan Uni plans to close its ‘City Fringe’ campuses, 19/10/15


  1. Islington Gazette – ‘Fury over London Met University closing its ‘City fringe’ campuses, 21/10/15


UCU POSITION: This week’s London Met UCU members at both Holloway Road and Aldgate campus branch meetings agreed to confirm London Met UCU’s extant position with regards to a move to a ‘one-campus’ university. That position, suitably clarified by those meetings, is provided below:

‘It would be wrong for university management to assume that our finances will be remedied by shrinking the university to a single campus – and significantly cutting staff jobs and student places in order to achieve such. The most likely outcome of attempting to do so would be the terminal decline of the university as a whole. Specifically, any attempt to move CASS to North campus would be a catastrophic mistake – much the same as it was to previously relocate all Business courses to City Campus. We strongly suggest seriously looking at, and fully consulting on, a move from a three to a two-campus university that maintains the integrity of CASS at its City Campus site, and protects all staff jobs and the educational provision of our current and future students’.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: Our students have already launched a public campaign to defend their East London campuses, and as part of that they have launched an on-line petition that has already collected some 1,700 signatures. Please sign the petition and share it as widely as possible


Soon after the communication of the VC plan, Amanda Marillier, the official SU rep within CASS recorded the following rap objecting to the move out of City. We believe such student voices need to be heard:



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