New Student Survey Results – No mandate for one campus!

We have just received the raw data details of a new student survey and our analysis is very illuminating with regards to the lack of overall student support – and the active hostility from those currently located at Aldgate campus, and to a lesser extent, those at Moorgate campus, for a move to one campus.

Please see our overview analysis below.

London Met UCU Coordinating Committee


New student survey shows little support for one campus move.

Students in CASS and GFBL overwhelmingly against a forced transfer to one campus.

Only a minority of students surveyed currently studying at Holloway Road support  the move to one campus.

In a recently completed student union survey – with almost twice as many students responding compared to the earlier one used to justify the VC-inspired plan to move to one campus, students responded to the question

‘On a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being very un-supportive and 5 being very supportive, how supportive are you of the university’s decision to move all teaching to one campus at Holloway Road?’

As follows:

CASS Faculty students (Aldgate)

89% Not Supportive
6% Supportive
5% neither supportive nor unsupportive

GFBL Faculty students (Moorgate/Aldgate)

48% Not Supportive
29% Supportive
23% neither supportive nor unsupportive

FLSC Faculty students (Holloway)

40% Not Supportive
34% Supportive
26% neither supportive nor unsupportive

FSSH Faculty students (Holloway)

39% Not Supportive
45% Supportive
16% neither supportive nor unsupportive

Two other survey questions were asked as to the impact of a move to one campus in terms of the influence on the student to remain at London Met, and as to what effect the move would have. Unfortunately, the questions were poorly written so that it was impossible to interpret whether the answers implied negative or positive influence and/or effect. However, it was notable, that for students in CASS, the faculty which was so overwhelmingly opposed to the move to a single campus at Holloway, some 83% declared that such a move would have a ‘big’ or ‘very big’ influence on their decision to stay at London Met.

Proposed installation by Bob and Roberta Smith
Proposed installation by Bob and Roberta Smith

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