S188 Job Cuts – Joint UCU/Unison Meetings- Lobby of the Board of Governors

Well, we were unfortunately correct in our proposition that the VC’s so-called ‘one campus, one community’ should be better referenced by its more appropriate full title: ‘one campus, one community: sell buildings, close courses, cut jobs’.

We have received the current round of job cuts  that affect academic members of staff, broken down by faculty below – in many cases the result of recent course cuts:

FSLC: 17 FTE (Full Time Equivalent)

CASS: 12.05 FTE

FBL: 12 FTE     (in addition to the staff that are already on notice of redundancy from the previous S188)


SDS: 7.1 FTE SDS (Staff Development Service) replaces CELT (Centre for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching) current 12.6 will be deleted and replaced by 5.5 FTE

There are additional redundancies directly targeting our PSD colleagues represented by Unison, our sister trade union. Also, importantly, please note that the current S188 faculty proposals are only the first of an anticipated set of S188 university-wide proposals that we will be receiving this academic year. A fact confirmed by the Deputy Chief Executive at the first university-wide S188 consultation that took place this Monday.

It goes without saying that we will be doing all in our power to resist these destructive, student-damaging, recruitment-reducing, ill-thought-through, cuts.  To that end we will be holding open (new members can join in the door) joint UCU/Unison campus-wide meetings next week:

North Campus – Tuesday (24/11) 1-2pm (room TBC)
City Campus – Thursday (26/11) 1-2pm (room TBC)

It is vital that as many of you as possible attend one of these meetings.

Both UCU and Unison, and LMet students and supporters will also be lobbying the next meeting of the Board of Governors, taking place next Thursday (26/11) 5-7pm (details below). Please join us so that the Governors hear our voices loud and clear, as we say: ‘Two campuses, one university – put education first, no to job cuts and course closures’.


One size does not fit all – In order for the university to move whatever is left of the Cass and Business and Law to Holloway, it may have to make cuts to the faculty of Social Science and Life Science and Computing.

The university is shrinking the student population and therefore creating no room to grow. This is why we should oppose these plans until the Board of Governors and Management work with students and staff to develop a realistic forward-looking plan for a “two-campus” estate.

The Vice Chancellor concluded his one campus, one community students forum last week. As soon as these forums finished, on November 10, he announced a S188 redundancy and job cuts for 93 staff at the university. What this tells me is that our opinions mean nothing to the Vice Chancellor he wants a one campus, one community – sell buildings, cut courses and staff.

TWO CAMPUSES, ONE UNIVERSITY – put education first, no to job cuts and course closures
Lobby the London Met Uni Board Of Governors
Thursday 26 November, 5pm
Venue: TBC

Please join our Facebook event share widely and invite friend!




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