UCU NEC – unanimously pass motion of support of our campaign!

It is with pleasure that we report the following motion that was passed unanimously at today’s UCU National Executive Committee that commits the national union to fully supporting us in our fight against campus closures, course cuts and job cuts.

In solidarity

London Metropolitan University UCU


Emergency NEC Motion – Solidarity with London Metropolitan UCU

NEC notes

1.    UCU Congress 2015 unanimously adopted the following motion with regards to London Met:

L13 Solidarity with London Metropolitan UCU

Congress wishes to express its full support and solidarity with colleagues resisting job and service cuts at London Metropolitan University. We congratulate them on a successful day of strike action on Thursday 21 May, and pledge to stand with them in any future action they deem necessary to win their dispute.

Congress believes this is not simply a fight to defend jobs – as important as that is – but rather a fight to defend an essential university whose mission and practice of widening participation and access to BME students, women returners, and working class students from its local communities is second to none.

2.    The situation for our members at London Met has now deteriorated further following the recent decision of Vice-Chancellor, John Raftery, to embark on a campaign to sell two of the university’s three campuses, close large numbers of courses, and this week’s announcement of further mass compulsory redundancies amongst both academic and academic-related staff.

NEC believes:

1.    That the dire situation for staff and students at London Met is of great concern to our entire union, and as such UCU should continue to consider the ongoing dispute at London Met as one on national significance. This is particular the case given the strong signals in the recent HE Green Paper that such serially mismanaged and centrally underfunded university’s such as London Met will be ‘allowed to fail’.

2.    The attacks on London Met are a concern for the whole union and represent a major attack on access to further and higher education.

NEC resolves:

1.    To stand in full solidarity with our members at London Met and to materially support and help publicise – both internally within UCU and publicly in the news media, their current campaign against campus closures, course cuts, and job cuts.

2.    To liaise as a matter of urgency with London Met UCU officers with the aim of quickly agreeing a national campaign strategy that maximises members support across the union in the defence of London Met staff and their essential widening participation mission.

Photo from UCU National Congress in May 2015

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