NEC Emergency Motion on London Metropolitan University redundancies and trade union victimisation


Today UCU National Executive Committee (NEC) unanimously passed the following motion:

Emergency Motion on London Metropolitan University redundancies and trade union victimisation

NEC notes

  1. Redundancies in London Met University as part of the University’s shrinkage of provision.
  2. The redundancies at LMU include the Branch Secretary and H&S Officer (David Hardman) and Branch Chair (Mark Campbell), both in the Faculty of Life Sciences and Computing. Their redundancies were announced on 29th April.
  3. Four of the seven UCU committee members are targeted for redundancy, including two women who are hourly paid lecturers.
  4. UCU branches generally are facing increasing threats of redundancy and victimisation of union reps.
  5. The response of UCU activists, inside and outside LMU has been to set up a national petition, a campaign meeting and to build a broad-based campaign of opposition to both redundancies and victimisation

NEC believes

  1. The HE Green Paper and bankruptcy is part of the government’s desired outcome for the new HE market. Thus LMU is a prime example of the ‘exit from the market’ envisaged by the government in its review of HE.
  2. UCU’s defence of higher education and access to HE by students is part and parcel of the defence of HE workers terms and conditions.
  3. Fighting redundancy and victimisation are of prime importance to UCU as they undermine UCU’s influence across the whole sector.
  4. The LMU case has an importance for the whole union in how we defend jobs, activists and education.
  5. Inequality, and specifically gender in LMU’s case, should be a key focus of UCU’s defence of lecturers jobs, pay and conditions in HE.

NEC resolves to

  1. Consider London Met to be a local dispute of national importance.
  2. Mount a national campaign, supporting the vibrant local campaign, in support of London Met.
  3. Work with Jeremy Corbyn and other sympathetic MPs to bring an EDM to parliament to halt the closure of CASS at Aldgate, the redundancies at LMU and the victimisations.
  4. Work with London Met UCU branch in building a vibrant campaign against redundancies, victimisation and in defence of higher education at London Met.

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