Urgent: London Met, Job Cuts, HE White Paper and Resistance

In the light of the new S188 announced yesterday by the VC, threatening to cut 395 FTE posts and massively increasing and institutionalising casualisation, this meeting is even more urgent, do come along!

The Government’s HE White Paper released on 16 May, heralds a further attack on public universities. It intends to make it easier to de-facto siphon off student funding from traditional widening participation universities into the pockets of for-profit private universities whilst allowing fees to increase beyond £9000 a year at the expense of student diversity and choice. Unfortunately, the embrace of divisive and academically unsound metrics such as the NSS (National Student Survey), TEF (Teaching Excellence Framework) and REF (Research Excellence Framework) by local university managements has played directly into the hands of this neo-liberal, non-quality, metric-driven, educationally destructive agenda. This has then been further exacerbated by university managements cutting off staff jobs and attacking staff conditions as they attempt to cut staff costs by driving down wages and increasing the percentage of staff on insecure, highly casualised zero-hours teaching contracts, often targeting the union standing in their way. This situation is now critical for the future of our universities. However, it is not enough to simply critique this academic vandalism, we now need to organise our resistance to it. The aim of this meeting is therefore to collectively come together to discuss how best we can build that resistance. Please join us.



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