Message of support for Jeremy Corbyn from London Met UCU

Dear Jeremy,

On behalf of London Met UCU, we want to offer you our complete solidarity in you as Labour Leader. We desperately need your steady voice of hope steering us through the current turbulent sea of despair. We need you to continue standing up for migrants, refugees, the downtrodden and disposed, and for all the working people in this country trying to resist the cost-cutters, privatisers, and down-sizers of those neo-liberal merchants of doom and austerity, be they government ministers or local employers such as our own.

We, our entire UCU Coordinating Committee, and many of our members and students were at the rally yesterday outside parliament to offer you our full support and to place our banners at your side as you have always stood by ours, and we will continue to do so.

You represent the values of tolerance and a belief in that better future that we ourselves strive for everyday in our day-to-day work at London Met. You, like us, believe in education as a social good that enriches all, not a narrow, individual indebtedness model based on students as customers and colleges and universities as profit making businesses.

You don’t accept that there’s such a thing as ‘too much education’, but rather there is too little that is now accessible to those that would value and gain from it if it were freely available to them from the cradle to the grave. Like us, you believe that university fees should be abolished and grants re-introduced, and that big business should pay for it through increased corporation taxes, putting the needs of society before profit.

We know, that now more than ever, you have a fight on your hands and your time to do all the many things you have always done is increasingly limited. However, we want you to know, as John McDonnell recently said himself, we’ve got your back.

As you know, we have major battles of our own at London Met University. We are fighting against the threat to sack 400 staff, some one-third of our workforce, we are also fighting against casualisation and our management’s  attempts to increase the use of zero-hour contracts whilst attacking and sacking those on more secure permanent contracts.

Like you, we believe you cannot duck such a fight no matter the forces arraigned against you and the pressure on you to stand aside and watch the destruction of the people and things you love. So, like you, we are fighting back.

We will be lobbying our Board of Governors this Thursday, 30 June, from 3:30pm at Holloway Road, and we will be on strike, alongside our sisters and brothers in the NUT, on Tuesday 5 July.

As always, you would be very welcome to stand at our side in these battles as we will be at yours.

In friendship and solidarity

Mark Campbell, London Met UCU (Chair)
David Hardman, London Met UCU (Secretary)
On behalf of London Met UCU




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