Jeremy Corbyn statement & London Met demo tomorrow at 11.30am

Jeremy Corbyn has a speaking engagement elsewhere tomorrow, but has sent the following statement:

“I am very sorry I cannot be with you at the demonstration, as I am travelling to Manchester for the launch of the grassroots leadership campaign in Salford this afternoon. This will be a big event with live streaming into parallel events all over the country.

I am working to ensure our message for an alternative economic direction for this country, and real social justice and opportunities for further and higher education for ALL young people, as well of course as opportunities for lifelong learning.

This week the government introduced its latest Education bill, and sneaked out an increase in student fees at the same time.  The direction in which they wish to go is very clear; that of a plethora of private universities, increased fees for all students, and thus deeper and deeper debt for anyone who’s able to graduate.
The same government has removed the last of the maintenance grants and now is now taking away the nurse bursaries as well.
Having been a supporter of London Met University over the past three decades and more, I’ve always been proud of the way it has given higher education opportunities to many who would otherwise not get them, and it’s always had an incredibly diverse selection of courses.  The job losses that are now envisaged at the university seem to me to be going in a direction that will provide neither the education opportunities or the diversity of courses that were traditionally provided.
I am particularly concerned that two members of staff, Mark Campbell and David Hardman, who are union representatives (UCU) have been selected for compulsory redundancy, which obviously limits their ability to represent their members.  I’ve written to the Vice Chancellor to express my strong views on this subject and I wish you well on the demonstration today, and in your very strong and lasting commitment to education at London Met that has been provided to the university by all staff, be they teaching, administrative, or support staff.  Together you all make up the team of any educational institution.

My best wishes to everyone, Jeremy.”

Thank you Jeremy for your constant support!


But you are all invited to join us tomorrow at 11.30am, see you there!

sat demo flyer 2 - colour



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