Thanks to PCS, NUT, RMT, UNISON, UCU, SU and all friends

We so much wish to thank PCS for supporting our campaign. PCS President Janice Godrich, General Secretary Mark Serwotka and Asst Gen Sec Chris Baugh saying stop the victimisations and the job cuts at London Met University in the photo below:


Thanks  also to Dominic McFadden (PCS NEC) who spoke at our demonstration on Saturday, below, photo by Dean Ryan

PCS speaker

Many thanks for their support to NUT and in particular to Kiri Tunks, NUT Vice-President for speaking at our rally


And we also wish to thank RMT for their solidarity and Steve Hedley (Assistant General Secretary, RMT), who spoke at our rally too.


Many thanks also to Paul Mackney, ex joint UCU General Secretary, as well as to Sean Vernell (City and Islington College UCU, London Region UCU, UCU NEC) and Sean Wallis (UCL UCU, London Region UCU, UCU NEC) for their solidarity and for speaking at our rally.



We wish to thank heaps also all our friends from UNISON who have been on our side in all our fights. Here we mention the speakers:

Alex Tarry (London Met Unison)


Sam Strudwick (Unison steward at Barts Health)


Dean Ryan (Islington Unison)


George Binette (Camden Unison)


Thanks to Mick Gilgun (Islington Trades Council) and Gary Heather (Islington Councillor), Jenny Nash (London Met CASS student) and Barbara Ntumy (NUS Executive and London Met SU):




Finally, thanks also to all our friends and colleagues who did not address the rally but participated, shared films and photos (many of which also appear in this blog post) and support us. Your presence makes a real difference!



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