London Met UCU members voted for strike action

Dear colleagues and friends,

As you will now have been informed London Met UCU members have voted by 63% to take strike action to demand the reinstatement of our union reps: Mark Campbell and David Hardman, and as importantly to escalate our fight against the compulsory redundancies that a large number of members are still being pooled for. We will also be taking action against the result of those job cuts on the rest of us – the massively increased workloads and the increase in precarious casualisation across the university. Finally, our action will be essential in reminding our management, both university wide and local, that they cannot simply impose their dictats on us – such as lecture recording, but that they have to treat us with respect and negotiate with us in good faith to reach sensible agreements that work for all concerned.

To that end, and as stipulated in the ballot material, we are now requesting that UCU HQ initiates our YES vote for strike action with a one day strike on Thu 29 September. This will be a warning shot to university management that it is now time for them to  reinstate our reps and return to the negotiating table.

If following our initial strike action on the 29th Sep, management continue to refuse to listen, we will, as agreed by 86% of branch members, request that UCU initiates our ultimate sanction, a worldwide academic boycott (greylisting) of London Met until they do.

London Met UCU Coordinating Committee


Excellent solidarity from John McDonnell MP, Labour Shadow Chancellor, at today’s (17/9/16) conference on ‘Blacklisting, Bullying and Blowing the Whistle’ at Greenwich University, for David Hardman and Mark Campbell fight against union victimisation at London Met Uni. John also pledged his, and Jeremy Corbyn’s, full support as London Met UCU vote to take strike action onThursday 29th September to help secure their reinstatement.

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