Important – Strike Day Details – Thursday 29 September

Dear colleagues and friends,

This post contains the following important information:

1. Strike Day – picket lines / rally details
2. Strike Day – leaflet for our students
3. Solidarity messages received
4. Hardship fund
5. Standing Strong Together

1. Picket lines and Strike Rally

We will be having picket lines at all three of the university sites tomorrow (Thu 29/9) morning starting at 8am. We will then be having a mass strike rally at Holloway Road between 12-2pm. We have a great line up of speakers and supporters including our General Secretary, Sally Hunt, and other invited guests. Please make every effort to join us to help ensure our collective voices are heard.

For each of the campus pickets please go to the following buildings and feel free to contact one of the relevant picket coordinators below for further details and to coordinate with them what time would be best for you to attend.

Central House (from 8am)
Main Contacts: Christina Payne (07956 533708), Fergus Nichol (07747 145037)

Moorgate (from 8am)
Main Contacts: Yaz Djebbour (07759 242597), Caroline Derry (07891 388475)

Holloway Road (from 8am)
Main Contacts: Mark Campbell (‭07766 075744‬), David Hardman (07876 243419), Monica Mottin (07774 076030)

If you are picketing at City Campus please leave in good time to make it for the start of the strike rally at Holloway at 12pm.

2. Strike Day – leaflet for our students

We are distributing the following leaflet to our students with regards to our dispute that has led to tomorrow’s unfortunately necessary strike action. We encourage you to print off copies today to hand to your students in advance of tomorrow’s strike.

3. Solidarity messages received

We are continuing to receive very many messages of solidarity from UCU members and branches from right across the UK. Please see the following link for a small selection of them:

We have also received strong support from both local and national politicians, including from one of our own local MPs, Jeremy Corbyn.

4. Hardship Fund

We have a small strike hardship fund that we have primarily gathered through the generous solidarity donations of our sister UCU branches. We are intending to use this to provide at least some, albeit small, financial support to our members that suffer the most in supporting our strike action: our casualised zero-hour HPL staff and fractionally employed colleagues, who can often lose a full week’s pay if a strike day happens to fall on the only day they may have guaranteed teaching. If you are in this category with regards to tomorrow’s strike then please get in touch with your local UCU branch rep.

5. Standing Strong Together

As you all know a whole gamut of new attacks on our conditions of service has already starting at the university: unmanageable and non-consulted excessive workloads, forced fractionalisations, compulsory use of lecture capture, management observation of teaching, non-discussed, nevermind agreed, local school ‘policies’ – such as asking permission to be away from your desk, etc.

If we want to have any say and influence on any of those things then it is important that both management and the university governors understand we are a collective force that needs to be truly consulted and negotiated with, not just a loose collection of individuals that can be effectively ignored.

Tomorrow’s strike will indicate our collective strength to resist all these attacks. It is therefore important we stand together for both our collective good, but also for our own individual wellbeing as part of that collective.

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible tomorrow either on the picket lines and/or at the strike rally.

In solidarity

London Met UCU Coordinating Committee



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