Sacking and exploitation by flowchart at London Met

The following is an official sacking/exploitation flowchart that London Met management are using to sack many and overwork the rest of their lecturing staff. FST stands for Formal Scheduled Teaching (this is direct face to face teaching, not preparation, marking, course leadership, module leadership, research, scholarly activity, CPD, grant applications, pastoral care, etc, etc), and we are covered by a national contract that states the absolute MAXIMUM that could possibly be allocated to an individual is 550 hours/year. However, we also have a contractual maximum total work allocation of just under 1,500 hours/years. So in reality, the only way anyone could realistically do the maximum FST within that contractual overall maxima, would be if they did almost nothing else but direct teaching, marking and perpetration (and even then, if they prepared throughly and marked diligently, they would likely exceed that maxima!). So, we could very easily have staff working at their absolute maxima contractual hours but still ‘only’ be doing say 400 FST/year. In this new scenario (shown explicitly in the flow chart) such staff will now be deemed to only be 0.7 FTE and either have their pay cut by 30% as they are ‘fractionalised’ to their current contract, get out onto a zero-hour contract, or get sacked! All the other necessary and important work they do outside of FST is now not going to be counted but simply expected to occur! This is the brave new world of higher education – and we have to say it will not pass!

image1 (1).JPG


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