Solidarity across the fight for education and liberation

“Extremely proud to have been able to gather this gorgeous crowd last night, at Gay’s the Word bookshop, to support magnificent working-class fighters David Hardman, Mark Campbell and all the strikers fighting cuts, privatisation, zero hours contracts and union victimisation at London Met University.

The event was the launch of my newly republished book Over the Rainbow: Money, Class and Homophobia, superbly hosted by lovely Jimmy MacSweeney. The book is all about the links between the struggle for sexual liberation and fighting all capitalist oppression and exploitation to create a better world.

The beautiful supporters include Hilary Chuter Henry Davis Clare Cunningham Dani Singer Gethin Roberts Sue Caldwell Michael Dance Sue George Sarah Cox Leon Fleming!”

Nicola Field (30 Sep 2016)

Revolutionary socialist, artist and writer, who was launching the new edition of her book ‘Over The Rainbow: Money, Class and Homophobia’. Nicola Field is one of the original members of Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners, immortalised in the film Pride. The updated book contains the first print version of the story of LGSM.


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