No job cuts- No course cuts – Don’t move the Cass Nov 2015

15 December 2015

Dear colleague,

I’m writing once again to ask for your support and solidarity on behalf of colleagues at London Metropolitan University who, having been subjected to several years of job cuts and upheaval, now face yet another round of staff redundancies and the closure of large numbers of courses and two of the university’s three campuses.

The university’s student body has joined us in condemning management’s strategic plan which includes the closure of the world renowned Sir John Cass faculty of art, architecture and design. I urge you to please sign the petition here.

I believe it is crucial that the union stands beside the London Met UCU branch in their campaign to defend jobs at the university whose mission of widening participation and access to education for its local communities is second to none.

Leading figures from the arts including director of the Tate, Sir Nicholas Serota, architect Lord Rogers and artists Anish Kapoor and Jeremy Deller have spoken out against the proposal and what it would mean to Britain’s creative industries.

The dire situation for staff and students at London Metropolitan University is a concern for the whole union and UCU’s national executive committee (NEC) unanimously voted to mount a national campaign in defence of our members so I invite you to please sign the petition to save ‘the Cass’ and write to the local UCU branch and extend your support and solidarity:

Thank you.

Sally Hunt
UCU general secretary



23 November 2015

As a branch we would like to offer you our support in your current and ongoing struggles against the cuts at your institution.  If there is anything we can do to help in the fight please let us know

Northumbria University Branch

Emma-Jane Phillips
Senior Lecturer and UCU Branch secretary
Northumbria University

Dear Colleagues

It is truly appalling that hard working employees are having to pay for the mismanagement of you University. You have my unequivocal support.

Good luck in your struggle!
Best wishes


Alistair Bulloch
Senior Lecturer UCU Health and Safety Representative
Northumbria University

Dear Colleagues

It is truly appalling that hard working employees are having to pay for the mismanagement of you University. You have my unequivocal support.

Good luck in your struggle!
Best wishes


Alistair Bulloch
Senior Lecturer UCU Health and Safety Representative
Northumbria University

Dear colleagues,

As a Branch Executive we wish to express our full and unequivocal support and solidarity with your members and pledge to stand with you.

In solidarity,

The Branch Executive of Northampton UCU


10 december 2015

Support from Hackney Community College UCU to students and staff re occupation. Please let us know about future events, we can bring support and banners



15 december 2015

To all colleagues at London Met, you have the support of the University of Cumbria branch and I will ask my members to support your petition to save jobs and save London Met


Best Wishes

Ashley Tiffen

Senior Lecturer in Policing

Chair of U of Cambria Branch UCU



Dear UCU ColleaguesI’m sending this message of support in your campaign against what seems like yet another bad decision by your University management in proposing to close campuses and successful and unique courses.

I have signed the petitions circulated by UCU.

We have similar problems with OU management who are proposing to close most OU regional sites in England, though no curriculum is affected, but hundreds of jobs will be lost and the opposite effect on student support to what managers claim…

Best wishes
Brendan Quinn
Open University UCU branch

Just thought I would send a note of solidarity from an FE provider in the North East to a University in London. Your fight is our fight. Arts provision is vital in fact, creative industries are the only thing that we actually export.

In Unity
Liam Carr
Newcastle College Branch Committee


Dear all at UCU London Met,

It is awful to hear about this ongoing fight when clearly London Met provides a great service in education to local residents as well as nationally and internationally. Whether in Architecture, the Arts, Design and well beyond…

I once gave a talk at London Met at a conference on (as well as including) Alasdair Macintyre years ago. I have fond memories of that!

I send this message of solidarity to you not only as a fellow Londoner but also from Newcastle University UCU in Politics…

May you win, be successful and go on to greater things!

Nik Howard
Newcastle University


Dear colleagues

I send you the support from our branch at UCU Hull College in your fight against the site reductions and course closures.

The branch wishes you every success in your campaign and want you to know we’re thinking of you!

The very best of wishes and solidarity.

Rob Goodfellow
UCU President Elect
UCU Hull College Joint Branch Secretary


Please add my name to UCU members supporting you at the present time.

Dr Tim Horder
Oxford University UCU



Dear Londonmet UCU,

I have worked as an HPL at Londonmet for more than 12 years and would like to add my support to your campaign.

Best Wishes,
Paul Clements


Hi London Met UCU,

University of Lincoln Branch of UCU support you in your fight to save the Cass. We are thinking of you and wish you all the best luck.

Crystal Walker
Branch Secretary
UCU University of Lincoln Branch


To UCU members at London Metropolitan University,

Lancaster UCU expresses its wholehearted support for your resistance against the one campus plan and the closure of CASS. The plan is based on a very narrow vision of learning and impact as well as disrespect for outreach and local engagement. It is also part of the trend towards unimaginative standardisation of higher education that we all face. We stand with you!

Yours in solidarity,
Lancaster UCU


I write to express my solidarity and support in your on-going struggle to save courses and jobs.

With very best wishes for a successful outcome,

Sola Kasim
University of Aberdeen



I have signed the petition and on behalf of Bournemouth University UCU am sending this message of solidarity and support to colleagues at London Met. The attack on CASS seems to me to be a class attack on education, UCU and the arts.

I hope that our Union wholly supports any and all actions London Met UCU members vote to take to defend jobs and education.

In solidarity,

Marian Mayer Chair BU UCU
Faculty of Media and Communication|Weymouth House| WG08


Dear colleagues,

I am speechless. Truly.
Please keep heart.
All the best,


Dr Ana Jorge
University of Aberdeen


Dear Sir,

I would like to extend my support in you defending the London Met UCU branch in their campaign to defend jobs.

It has to be recognised that  widening participation and access to education for its local community  is the correct thing to do and I fully support this having come from a mining community and eventually being able to have a University education.

Best Regards
Steve Ward
Sheffield UCU member

5 January 2015

Dear comrades,
A message of solidarity from your comrades in Glasgow Caledonian – we’ve already signed the petition, and done what we can to publicise the dispute – let’s make 2016  a year of victory.

Douglas Chalmers
UCU@ GCU – Glasgow Caledonian University


Dear London Met UCU,

Please see the below statement of behalf of Bristol UCU Exec:

Best wishes,


Dr Jamie Melrose
School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies (SPAIS)
University of Bristol

Vice President University of Bristol UCU